"Blue hydrangea, cold cash divine
Cashmere, cologne and hot sunshine
Red racing cars, sunset and vine
And we were young and pretty [...]"

L. Del Rey, Old Money



Moving to Los Angeles has been a plunge into the unknown for me; I had to get acquainted with new people, new habits, and new "selves". I was lucky enough to live close to these enchanted hills, and I soon started exploring them with a heavy heart, but with wide open eyes and mind.

Those “explorations” became more soul journeys rather than simple strolls during free time. I was guided by swarms of dragonflies spreading magic into the air. The scents of old mansions and ancient trees, the sceneries designed by the restless sunrays – always giving a chance even to the most wistful Spirit – were letting me sense the intimate secrets of the hills.

This setting was offering me glimpses with which I fabricated an imaginary collage that helped me to rebuild a sense of home. "Hills" celebrates those moments, old stories, old homes, lost homes, and new prospects. It is an attempt to shorten the great distance that separated me from my original habitat and my original present.

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